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How To Use Derma Roller For Hair Growth

In this article we will guide you on how to use derma roller for hair growth. It’s very simple and effective.


Quick guide on how to use derma roller for hair growth

On dry hair (to prevent tangling the device in wet hair strands), put the dermaroller at the edge of where you want to target (e.g. the hairline, or the beyond the crown).

Roll the device gradually over the area, very first horizontally then vertically and then diagonally. You should use adequate pressure to permeate the scalp and feel a minor prickling or tingling, however inadequate to cause pain.

If there is hair in the area, be sure to move in the instructions of the hair strands whenever possible to prevent pulling hairs out of the follicles.

You can continue the above method on the different areas of thinning, or you can even perform it on your whole head.

As soon as you’re done, make sure to clean the roller utilizing rubbing alcohol or an antibacterial soap. Then set it aside to let it dry, and place in its protective case or pouch till next time.

This technique can be practiced a minimum of when each week, but more than two times per week is likely too much.


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That’s how to use derma roller for hair growth, we hope you liked it.

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